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Our Tree Care and Garden Maintenance Services

Welcome to Six Counties Cleaning & Tree Services, your go-to destination for all your tree care and garden maintenance needs. With our dedicated team of tree experts and garden maintainers, we aim to provide exceptional gardening services that will transform your outdoor spaces into havens of beauty and tranquillity.

Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services, Tree Removal, Tree Topping, Tree Pruning Services

Our tree care services cater to all aspects of maintaining the health and aesthetics of your trees. Whether it’s tree topping, tree pruning, or tree removal, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle any size or type of tree.

We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones, which is why our team excels at pruning dangerous branches and removing stumps. To deliver a comprehensive service, we also provide stump grinding, ensuring that no trace of those unwanted stumps remains. Leave all the hassle to us as we efficiently shred and remove any garden waste, leaving you with a clean and tidy space.

Hedge Maintenance Services

Hedge Trimming Services, Hedge Maintenance, Hedge Reduction, Hedge Removal

Maintaining hedges can be a demanding task, but worry not, as our hedge maintenance services have got you covered. Whether your hedges need a regular trim, height reduction, or complete removal, our skilled team will deliver precise and impeccable results. We understand that well-kept hedges contribute to the overall aesthetics of your property, and our experienced professionals will ensure that your hedges are a testament to perfection.

Overgrown Garden Clearance

Overgrown Garden Clean up, Garden Tidy Up, Weed Clearing

Does your garden resemble an overgrown wilderness? Our overgrown garden clearance services are designed to bring your garden back to life. From cutting back weeds to trimming bushes, pruning trees to strimming grass, and mowing, we will turn your unruly jungle into a beautifully organized and manageable space that you’ll enjoy spending time in once again. Our goal is to revitalize your garden, allowing you to rediscover the joy of outdoor living.

Reclaim Your Garden

Revitalize your outdoor spaces and create the garden of your dreams with our professional tree care and garden maintenance services. Say goodbye to the stress and effort of maintaining your trees, hedges, and gardens, and leave it all to the experts at Six Counties Cleaning & Tree Services.

Inspire and motivate yourself to reclaim your garden and unlock its full potential. Be amazed as you watch your garden flourish and become a sanctuary of natural beauty. Contact us today for an impeccable service that will transform your outdoor spaces into an inviting haven.

Start your journey towards a picturesque garden; contact us now!

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