Roof and Driveway Power and Softwash Westmeath

We provide a wide range of professional washing services for both commercial and residential properties. We are well-equipped and carrying all the latest tools. You are guaranteed to receive the best service possible.

Six Counties Cleaning Services include Roof Cleaning, Window, Gutters, Fascia and Soffit,  Driveway Cleaning, Patio, Deck Cleaning and more in Westmeath.

Six Counties Gutter Cleaning

When was the last time you had your gutter professionally cleaned? It really is crucial to take care of your property’s guttering system occasionally. Neglecting this responsibility can be very frustrating and expensive.

Efficiently cleaning your gutter is easier said than done. If you’re don’t have the proper equipment for the job, it can be dangerous.

Put you property in the hands of trusted cleaning specialists, you don’t have to worry about the heights and the hassle of cleaning it on your own. Let us efficiently take care of your guttering system and enjoy the benefits. See more guttering services

Driveway pressure-washing

Six Counties cleaning is a speciality services provider. We use high pressure water connected with our full range of deep washing equipment and suitable solvents and detergents, which provides the desired result all the time.

Every member of six counties team is highly skilled and experienced at making the best choice on the range of every exterior surface, whether or not it is a driveway, brick, concrete, limestone, exposed aggregate or a patterned concrete surface.

Whatever the type of surface, we have the knowledge and capabilities to professionally clean your driveway using the best equipment to give it the cleanest look.

Roof cleaning

We bring all the needed equipped including long reach power washing hoses ideal for power washing roofs, We use the most effective power washing techniques ensuring all roofs are thoroughly cleaned, industrial strength disinfectant is available and free quotations on roof cleaning can be provided.

Our cleaning services include roof power washing, roof soft washing, commercial roof cleaning, residential roof cleaning and environmentally friendly roof cleaning. Read more

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Patio and Driveway Cleaning Service

We Bring Your Patios Back To Life and bring it back to its original colour. Call Our Team.

Driveways and patios become dull and dirty by daily wear and tear, your car wheels carry dirt and oil which overtime can build into a thick layer on your driveway. Weed grow and seeds travel in the wind are then able to find root and prosper in the cracks across your driveway

Get Professional Help Cleaning Your Driveway/Patio/Brickwork.

Six Counties Cleaning run a bespoke soft wash and powerwash cleaning service in Westmeath which include Roof Cleaning, Window, Gutters, Fascia and Soffit,  Driveway Cleaning, Patio, Deck Cleaning.

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