Driveway Power and Soft Washing Services

If you are a homeowner you are going to need a driveway cleaning. Our experts are known for pressure/power washing and are ready to restore any deck, pavement, or garden furniture to their original state. No more grime and dirt.

Wherever you are in Dublin, Kildare or Meath, we can reach you. We own industrial grade pressure cleaners that are powerful enough to deal with any and all kinds of hard surfaces. Crazy paving, block paving, stone paving, imprinted concrete, decks, driveways. You name it, we have the equipment and the people that can deal with it correctly. High pressure will get rid of grime and dirt but it will also eliminate moss and most weeds. Here’s what this technology can do for you:

  • Payment are proportional to cleaned area’s size and requests made.
  • The service is performed by our experts in your area.
  • We will bring along all the main equipment needed as well as some other tools that could be needed to do the task done.

How can you get this service?

You start by contacting us via phone or our website. We  work every day of the week. When you contact us, our friendly staff will ask you a few questions in order to understand the job. We arrive to your place at the time agreed so please make sure we have access. You will also need to be sure there is a reliable water source for us to use.

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